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Alberto Peronaci
Executive Architect, Global Technology Services

Alexander Schmid
Executive Consultant and Solution Architect, Global Technology Services

Allen Downs
Vice President of Global Resiliency Services, IBM

Ana Maria Bezerra
Executive IT Architect, IBM

Andreea Mihaela Argint
Market Segment Manager for Technical Support Services, IBM

Angel Navarro
IBM Distinguished Engineer, Europe GTS Enterprise IT Transformation Advisor

Anilkumar H Khadke
Global Offering Executive - Resiliency Services, IBM GTS Infrastructure Services

Arpana Devarhubli
Global Offering Manager for Enterprise IT Services, IBM

Arthur Cole
Freelance Writer

Artis Birzins
Senior Architect, IBM Japan

Ashley AuBuchon-Arcand
Innovation Accelerator Program Manager, IBM


Babette Ten Haken
Founder & President, Sales Aerobics for Engineers®, LLC

Becky Lawlor
Freelance Writer

Bill Kleyman
CTO at MTM Technologies

Bobbie Artistain
Web Delivery SME for GTS Systems Services, IBM

Brad Casemore
Research Director for Datacenter Networks, IDC

Brian Gracely
Founder of Cloudcast Media and co-host of The Cloudcast, Lead Cloud Analyst for Wikibon


Cait Snell
Marketing Manager, IBM

Carlos Demetrio
Certified Technical Solution Architect, IBM

Carol Zichi
Global Offering Manager for Enterprise Mobility Management, IBM

Cassandra Mooshian
Senior Analyst, Technology Business Research, Inc.

Chandra Sekhar Pulamarasetti
Co-Founder & CEO, Sanovi Technologies & VP Cloud Resiliency Orchestration Software and Services, IBM

Charlie Arteaga
IBM Distinguished Engineer - Leader, IBM GTS Global Industry Services - Telecom

Chris Nerney
Freelance Writer

Christophe Veltsos

Crystal Bedell
Freelance Writer


Daniel Newman
Founder and President, Broadsuite, Inc.

Daniel Witteveen
Vice President, IBM Resiliency Services

David Carr
Freelance Writer

David Subia
Business Line Executive, IBM Technology Support Services

Derek Catlin
Cloud Brokerage Specialist, Cloud Brokerage Center of Competency, IBM Global Technology Services

Dez Blanchfield
Data Scientist and Market Analyst

Domenic Ciccone
Global Business Line Executive, Financial Services, IBM Global Technology Services (GTS)

Doug Bonderud
Freelance Writer


Erik Anderson
Principal Architect, Worldwide Cloud Solutions Automation Strategy, IBM Hybrid Cloud

Erik Radtke
Vice President Enterprise IT Transformation Advisory & Chief Architects, IBM GTS

Esther Shein
Freelance Writer


Fran Howarth
Freelance Writer

Frank Hendricks
Business Unit Executive - Hybrid Cloud Sales for Africa

Fred Nanouris
Program/Offering Manager for Resiliency Services in Global Technology Services, IBM


Gautam Bhat
Chief Developer, IBM Services Platform with Watson, Technology Lead, GTS

Gene Morita
Global Offering Manager for Managed Mobility Services, IBM

George Herbert
Business Manager for Technical Support Services, IBM

George Lee
Clould & Availability Solutions, IBM Resiliency Services

Gerald Longoria
GTS Mobility Services, Portfolio and Strategy Leader, IBM

Ghislaine Metaireau
Portfolio Marketing Leader for Infrastructure Services, IBM

Gunnar Risberg
IBM Cloud Technical Sales, IT-Architect, IBM


Harold Albo
CIO Advisory Center of Competence, IBM GBS

Hector Paz-Soldan
Principal, ESM Toronto, IBM GTS, Solutions, Del & Transf

Hyoun Park
Chief Research Officer, Blue Hill Research


Ilyas Iyoob
Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Ingo Janssen
Go To Market & Portfolio Manager Systems Services DACH GTS, System Services, IBM

IT Biz Advisor Staff
IT Biz Advisor Staff, IBM


Jacqueline Lee
Freelance Writer

James O'Brien
Freelance Writer

Jeff Bertolucci
News Writer

Jennifer Arndt
TSS MVS Business Line Executive - Retail, IBM GTS

Jens Rathgeber
Principal Consultant for Technical Support Services Europe, IBM

Joe Hewitson
News Writer

Joe Starzyk
Senior Business Development Executive for Resiliency Services, IBM

Josh Nelius
Cloud Customer Analyst, IBM

Judith S. Hurwitz
President and CEO, Hurwitz & Associates

Juergen Loeb
Global Offering Leader for Edge Delivery Services, IBM

Justin Grant
Security Operations Director for Managed Security Services, IBM

Justine Milne
Business Development Executive for Technical Support Services, IBM

Muhammad Jawwad Paracha
Global Program Manager for Tools, Technology and Transition, IBM


Kai Rösler
Associate Partner & Executive Consultant, IBM

Kathy Foley
Content Director, IBM Services Platform with Watson

Katie Daggett
Freelance Writer

Kelley Katsanos
News Writer

Kendra Gullette
Global MTSS-MVS Offering Deployment Leader, IBM

Kevin Jackson
CEO/Founder, GovCloud Network


Larisa Shwartz
STSM, IT Service Management and Analytics

Larry Loeb
Freelance Writer

Laurence Guihard-Joly
General Manager of Resiliency Services, IBM


Mahdad Majd
Business Unit Executive, Channel Strategy, IBM Systems Lab Services

Matthew Johnson
Senior Technical Staff Member for Global Technology Services, IBM

Michael Puldy
Director of Global Business Continuity Management for Global Technology Services, IBM

Mickey Iqbal
IBM Fellow and IBM Master Inventor - Global Lead for GTS Enterprise IT Transformation Advisors, IBM

Mijee Briana Walker
Asia Pacific Leader for IBM Resiliency Services

Mike Errity
Vice President of Resiliency Services, IBM

Militza Bishop
MVS Global Product Service Planning Program Manager, IBM


Nelson Takumi Kavatoko Junior
Subject Matter Expert for Multi-vendor Support Services, IBM

Nicholas C.M. Fuller, PhD
Senior Manager, Cognitive Service Foundations, IBM Research

Nicola McKenna
Workplace Support Services Strategy and Offering Manager, IBM GTS, Infrastructure Services



Pam Baker
Freelance Writer

Paul Mears
Brokerage Services Sales, IBM

Pedro Soares
Executive Architect, IBM

Phil Simon
Professor at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business

Piero Chiodo
Vice President of the Global Center of Competency for GTS Mobility Services, IBM

Pritpal Arora
Enterprise Architect, TI&A-Enterprise/Analytics Consulting; IBM Expert Cert. IT Specialist, IBM Sr. Inventor



Ray Paskauskas
Executive IT Architect, IBM

Robert Labori
Manager, IBM Global Alliances Services

Robin Gaddum
Associate Partner for Resilience, IBM


Sandeep Dhingra
CTO Global Partner & Network Consulting, IBM

Sandipan Dutta
Enterprise Architect, Global Technology Services

Satheesh Kumar
Vice President, IBM Services Platform

Sean McCormick
Senior Consultant, Forrester

Sebastian Taylor
Business Development Executive - Managed Mobility Services, IBM GTS Europe

Stacey Ramos
Master Inventor, IBM Global Services

Stefan Pappe
Fellow and VP, Technology, Innovation and Automation, IBM GTS

Steve Currie
Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Steve Jacek
Solution Sales Specialist - Orchestration, GTS Infrastructure Services

Steven Carlini
Senior Director of Data Center Offer Management and Marketing, Schneider Electric

Steven Dickens
Cloud Offering Manager, IBM

Susan Kastrinos
Manager, Service Management Tools


Test User

Tom Lancaster
GTS Network Services Solution Executive, IBM

Trevor Fine



Vazalwar Kaustubh
Group Manager : Global Resiliency, IBM


Wendy Croxford
GTS TI&A Manager Enterprise Consulting