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Content review process

Before you submit your first proposal, you might be curious about our content review process. Your article goes through six stages:

  1. Submit your proposal via the Skyword platform by choosing “Submit a Proposal” from the “Create” tab on your Dashboard.The project manager will then forward your proposal to the client for approval. When the client approves your proposal, you will receive an email notification and will acquire the ability to write and submit your article via the Dashboard using the Skyword platform editing tools.
  2. Submit your article for review.When you press Submit after receiving a passing grade on the Article Scorecard, an Editor will review your article. This will change your article’s status from Submitted for Review to In Review in the Articles in Review section on your Dashboard. Before submitting an article, please review the Content Checklist (to the right of the Article Body section) to ensure that each Standard has been met.
  3. Your article is reviewed by Skyword’s Copy Editor.You will receive an email from Skyword for any article that needs revisions. In your Articles In Progress section of your Dashboard,you can edit your article by clicking Revise Article, and this will take you to the article editor. The comments from the Copy Editor and/or Editorial Manager will appear at the top of your article explaining why your article was returned and what revisions you need to make. Articles returned for revision remain active in your Dashboard for 72 hours.
  4. Your Skyword Editorial and Program Managers will review the article.Once the Editorial Manager has reviewed and the Program Manager has approved your article, you will see a payment reflected on your Dashboard. Your article’s status will be Awaiting Approval since it hasn’t been published yet.
  5. The Editor will publish the article.When the Editor approves the article, you will receive an email informing you that the article has been published.
  6. Your article is live!The time from when your article is accepted to when it actually goes live on the site depends on the editorial calendar.

Important note on article revisions: Revisions are a natural part of any high-quality writing process. To prevent the same revision requests on multiple articles, wait until your first article has been approved before submitting another. If an article has been returned for mandatory revisions, please be careful to resubmit only after all of these revisions have been made. Resubmitted articles that have been returned twice for revisions and that still do not meet the program requirements are often declined.

Promote your articles

Promote your articles: Get in the habit of promoting each and every approved article. Whenever you notice that your article has been approved, share the article to your networks. This is not required but will help expand your article’s readership. We have also made it easy for you to promote your articles by selecting the Promote Your Articles link in the Most Recently Published section of your Dashboard.

Make certain that you share and promote on sites that are appropriate for the content you’ve created.

Contact us

We are here to assist every step of the way. Here’s an overview of the help we provide for you to get the information you are looking for:

  • The Program Guidelineswill contain program-specific information, like the program’s Content Standards.
  • Help provides general help on Skyword explaining how to use the tools to create your articles. This area also contains tips that will teach best practices for creating articles for the web.
  • Please check the Announcementssection regularly for important updates and information about the program. You will also receive important information to your email so make sure to keep your email up-to-date from the My Account

Still have a question?

  • Please reach out to your Program Manager for program, assignment or editorial questions.
    • A link to the email address of your Program Manager is located on your Program Home.
    • Please contact Skyword Support on issues relating to the Skyword website. Support is available six days a week, Sunday through Friday.
      • Live Help: Chat in real-time with a Skyword Support member. In the Help Center, when a tab on the bottom of the page appears saying “Need help? Chat with us”, click to instantly chat with Support.
      • Email: Send a message to for assistance.