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Getting activated

After you have signed up to become a contributor on IT Biz Advisor you should have received a confirmation email to get activated. To make your life as a contributor as easy as possible and to help manage our editorial process, we have partnered with Skyword. Below you will find more information about Skyword and how to get started with the dashboard to submit content.


Why Skyword?

Why write with Skyword? The answer is simple: The platform and the people make for an easy content creation process. That means a painless and collaborative experience for you as a contributor.

Skyword offers an intuitive dashboard for you to write, edit, optimize and track your contributions to IT Biz Advisor. What’s more, strategic and editorial personnel and a responsive support center are there to ensure a streamlined creative experience in a dynamic, collaborative environment.

Getting started with Skyword

You are almost on your way to officially becoming a contributor to IT Biz Advisor and getting activated on the Skyword platform. Below are the next steps for you to take to get set up in the Skyword platform and to acquaint yourself with our guidelines:

At this point you should have already received an automated email to your inbox with Skyword log-in instructions. Upon logging in to the platform, please review the program guidelines before reviewing the additional resource articles.

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