Are Your IT Operations Prepared for 2018?

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This past year, IT operations teams have had to manage myriad challenges: digital transformation, continual security threats, the need to improve the end user experience, the rapid growth of data and executive pressure for IT to not just support business but drive it.

Looking toward the upcoming year, it’s clear these challenges won’t be subsiding any time soon. Luckily, IT support services have also been evolving and offer a solution to help IT address many of these challenges.

Here are a few ways organizations can use tech support services as they head into 2018.

Utilize Cognitive Support

The use of cognitive computing in IT service management allows IT to be highly available and responsive to both employees and the organization. For example, rather than waiting to talk with a service representative or for IT to respond to a help ticket, employees can engage with an intelligent assistant that can address most service requests, continually learning from interactions and feedback so that its ability to respond to issues continuously improves. This allows IT to automate basic help services and step in with live help when necessary, ensuring a personalized and responsive service whether employees’ issues are complex or simple.

Additionally, a cognitive solution built on analytics can apply machine learning to predict problems. This allows IT operations to be more prepared for common issues and employ proactive measures to avoid outages.

Support Digital Transformation With Cloud

Just like consumers, employees are demanding highly available, personalized experiences. While this is putting pressure on IT operations to deliver, it also opens up opportunities. Moving to the cloud — public, private or hybrid — can help to ensure high availability of critical applications while limiting the support requirements of onsite IT.

To ensure a successful transition to a digital workplace, IT support services can help organizations migrate to the cloud and provide a seamless, secure end-user experience, no matter what device or operating system they’re using.

Use Data to Drive Innovation

The pressure is on for IT to do more than just support the business. Meanwhile, the amount of data organizations have to manage is growing exponentially. Luckily, IT support services can help on both fronts. Not only can these resources provide data analytics and automation to sift through unstructured data for insights, they can also help IT take these insights and show the organization where new opportunities for business revenue may be.

From supporting a digital transformation to ensuring the security of the organization, IT operations teams are often beleaguered and struggling with the resources to address these issues. By utilizing support services, IT teams take a more proactive approach, which will help improve the end-user experience, better identify security and maintenance concerns, improve availability of critical apps and identify areas of opportunity for business growth.

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