Turn CapEx Into OpEx With Cloud Mainframe as a Service

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Are you worried about keeping mainframe and IT support costs down? You’re not alone. A recent Gartner survey1 reported that 88 percent of over 1,000 businesses indicated that they had cloud-first strategies.

However, many organizations rely on mainframe computers based on traditional IT procurement models that don’t offer the same flexibility as a cloud-based Mainframe as a Service (MaaS) model. A formal procurement process and new IT resources can take months to implement. While teams trudge through this long process, they often miss crucial windows of opportunity.

Cloud Migration Bridges the Technology Divide

IBM Cloud Managed Services on z Systems offers the security, computing and storage needed for critical applications. Businesses can use operational expense rather than capital expense to access mainframe compute, cloud storage and networking resources for ongoing operations. Enterprise planning resources are acquired on a consumption basis to align with your enterprise’s unique requirements.

IBM owns the mainframe infrastructure and pays for maintenance and upgrades, which can provide significant cost savings. This reduces the headaches of mainframe infrastructure upgrades, hardware maintenance costs and negotiations with vendors for hardware maintenance. Through cloud migration to MaaS, enterprises modernize mainframes while adopting an agile infrastructure based on a cloud financial model.

MaaS Offers Agility and Innovation

MaaS makes it easy for your team to access and order from IBM’s comprehensive service catalog. Businesses can apply changes to match application and workload needs. This way, both IT and procurement departments can avoid rushed acquisitions and over-buying.

Moving to a cloud data center service opens the door to even more leading technology approaches. Organizations can utilize Linux on mainframe systems to consolidate distributed servers, enhance IT reliability and take advantage of secure cloud computing. Open-source software can foster innovation and help drive down costs by enabling resource sharing across departments.

Cloud Migration Benefits

If your organization is struggling with legacy technology and stretched mainframe resources, you don’t need to wait to replace your systems. Businesses considering a transition to a cloud-based model should consider these benefits:

  • Cloud mainframe services like IBM Cloud Managed Services on z Systems change mainframe cost from a capital budget expense to an operational expense.
  • A MaaS model allows you to accurately forecast operational expenses and control the mainframe budget.
  • MaaS reduces mainframe infrastructure upgrades, hardware maintenance costs and support services.
  • Service offerings can be provisioned on premises or in any data center hosting facility.

Interested in learning more about how Mainframe as a Service can update your infrastructure without overburdening your budget? Schedule a no-cost consultation with an IBM expert.

[1] https://www.gartner.com/binaries/content/assets/events/keywords/sourcing/std19/applying_a_cloudfirst_checklist.pdf

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