How to Prepare for Digital Transformation in 2018

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The world is increasingly digital. Mobility, cloud, virtualization, automation, the Internet of Things and cognitive computing can all be leveraged to create competitive advantages for the organizations that embrace them. Digital transformation enables modern enterprises to respond efficiently to changing business demands.

However, digital transformation is about more than just technology. Making it happen requires a fundamental change in how organizations operate and adjust to existing business practices.

The First Step? Stand Back

Before employing a digital transformation, enterprises must first perform an assessment of what is already connected to the network environment. This helps to determine which areas will benefit the most from innovative technologies, and also assists in developing a road map for the transformation journey.

Embrace a Hybrid Environment

According to an IBM study, organizations that embrace a hybrid environment achieve greater value from their existing investments. The hybrid cloud allows businesses to implement new technologies and capture new markets and customer segments. Predictive intelligence can also inform decision-making and enable a faster response to changing market conditions and customer needs.

Influence Organizational Culture

Achieving digital transformation is about more than technology. It requires an organizational culture open to constant change. Enterprises will need to be agile and adaptable to new technologies and applications. Outdated and ineffective processes must be replaced with ones that are more suited to evolution.

Ensure Support From the Top

To drive a culture of change, companies must break down cross-departmental silos and foster a spirit of collaboration. To do this, they must engage the support of executives at the top. This step is crucial to the overall success of the transformation strategy.

While some enterprises may be equipped to enter the digital age on their own, many others can benefit from tapping into third-party resources. Investing in cloud brokerage services can help to drive digital transformation by providing companies with visibility into their expanding cloud services.

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