How to Prepare for BYOX Mobile Device Management

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Before the bring-your-own-device movement, employees had to use company-provided devices. These devices were often few in number, and the models included were rigidly specified by corporate mandate. After the rise of the smartphone, enterprises opened up mobile device management policies to allow mobile-based employees to integrate their personal devices into the workflow.

Bring-your-own-everything (BYOX) is a digital device ownership model in which employees use their privately owned devices to access the network and information systems in an enterprise setting. This approach encompasses more than just mobile devices; it includes anything that an employee uses routinely in their work. To embrace this strategy, an organization’s network needs to be able to handle all of the different kinds of information that BYOX brings to the table.

Standardizing Practices

BYOX will require companies to revise standard practices that may not be initially obvious. Consider a simple spreadsheet as an example: The layout of a sheet may look fine on one device but terrible on a different one. Information may even be lost between the two devices. To avoid issues such as this one, companies should standardize default layouts and other common data formats that employees use on different devices. This will allow each user to tweak their own options and prevent data decay from happening.

Designing Security

With a BYOX policy, users will handle more technology than they know how to secure. While IT can educate users on effective security measures, it cannot guarantee that users will follow their recommendations.

When designing security policies to meet the increased demands of a BYOX ecosystem, IT must be sure not to undermine the benefits that BYOX offers. Listening to fresh viewpoints on how to integrate policies, hardware and software will help to ensure that the mobile workforce runs smoothly. Companies can also look to trusted consultants to shed light on how BYOX can work for their particular environment.

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