How to Manage Hybrid IT Infrastructure in a Changing Environment

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Cloud computing has evolved from a tool used to overcome some of the limitations of running an on-site data center to a more complex technology that offers solutions of its own. Hybrid IT infrastructure gives IT departments new capabilities by tapping into both the data center and the cloud.

However, these new abilities come at a price. IT must assume new responsibilities and customize new services for each line of business (LOB) under the organization’s umbrella. Unnecessary repetition can cause costs to actually increase under the new infrastructure, rather than decrease as they were intended to.

In traditional service models, IT was stuck with a one-size-fits-all strategy. But while using one hardware model for each LOB simplified IT processes, hybrid architecture requires a new approach.

Many Vendors, Many Products

Companies can access cloud services through a variety of different vendors that offer diverse capabilities and costs. Specifying business needs in this ever-changing landscape may require expertise beyond what an IT department currently has access to.

The simplest way to gain insight into cloud specifics is to provide IT departments with a trusted consultant. A cloud brokerage services partner can provide an enterprise with a range of cloud options to choose from and help them facilitate hybrid IT orchestration, cost management and departmental charges. It’s important to understand exactly what services the organization needs in order to avoid unanticipated uses and costs down the road.

Adjusting Budgets

The finance department needs to understand the true cost of delivering solutions to LOBs, even when they aren’t aligned with original budgets. Solutions require funding to evolve into what LOBs truly need from them.

IT departments offer crucial expertise on how a LOB can function effectively in a hybrid IT setting. With the help of a third-party consultant, IT can determine the most useful solutions for each LOB.

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