Don’t Be Afraid of Cloud Automation

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If you ask a group of people, “Would you rather work smarter or harder?” the majority of people would side with working smarter. However, if you ask that same group about if they would adopt cloud automation, you might be faced with concern about technology taking away their jobs.

However, automation is nothing more than an example of working smarter. In fact, there’s no way that I could do my job without it.

At IBM, I manage a cloud delivery platform based on IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions that allows our technical sellers and customers to explore capabilities. They rely on the cloud to be available when they need it. Servicing nearly 1,000 users wouldn’t be possible otherwise. To put things in perspective, we’re on track this year to provision over 20,000 demo environments and thousands more for learning and proofs of technologies.

Automation Disrupts Service Delivery

The top reasons why I embrace IT management and develop solutions include:

  • Service Quality: We have IT incident management to provide the hardened resources IT professionals need to help them get their job done. Tooling ensures that there are no manual steps involved that could introduce change or human errors into the system.
  • Efficiency and Speed: A well-defined and repeatable process that runs automatically is always going to be faster than doing something manually. Our automated demo system is always watching. We don’t need to wait for human interaction and can handle requests the instant they come in. I define tasks to be executed once and then rely on the system to handle subsequent requests.
  • Cost Savings: Like many, I make tough spending decisions. By investing in automation, I don’t need as many employees to do repetitive tasks. By having the right tools in place to handle these tasks, professionals have time to handle other high-value activities.

Gain the Competitive Edge

Perhaps you’re looking for a solution to bring IT management and self-service to virtualized deployments, or maybe you need to increase efficiency by offering IT incident management. Whatever your specific use case may be, don’t be afraid! In our hyper-competitive world, we need to use the tools at our disposal to stay ahead.

How has automation changed the way you do business? Let me know @TalkToErik, or talk to an IBM expert about your goals.


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