How to Find the Right Cloud Provider

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Now that the initial hype around moving to the cloud has begun to wear off, many organizations are taking a more serious look at their ongoing cloud strategy — as well as their cloud provider. With as many providers as there are solutions, organizations often find themselves juggling multiple vendors. The integration alone makes this a costly endeavor and often complicates the total cloud footprint.

Although point solutions promise benefits, the cost of using multiple cloud providers only increases the total cost of ownership. Facing increasing costs, resource shortages and budget pressures, technology professionals are looking for the right provider to handle their complex technology requirements.

Balancing Providers

Ideally, organizations only want to work with one cloud provider, but in reality, they’re often handling a handful. Finding the right provider is important for CEOs who work to balance cost with the efficiency of their solutions.

Cloud providers offer cloud computing components — typically infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service or platform-as-a-service — to other businesses. They are sometimes referred to as a cloud service provider, a managed services provider or an application service provider. By investing in a vendor of this sort, businesses can simplify and reduce the cost of cloud solutions. They can rely on a provider to offer up-to-date services, 24/7 technical support and physical and electronic security. A hybrid cloud model will also offer companies built-in scalability, reliability and flexibility.

The Value of Holistic Providers

A hosted service provider (xSP) is a holistic type of cloud provider that delivers a combination of IT functions that include infrastructure, applications, security and monitoring. Investing in this approach enables customers to consolidate and outsource many of their IT needs. As a single-source cloud vendor, an xSP can provide a myriad of solutions using a combination of technology components.

There are only a handful of sole cloud vendors that can offer this level of service. An effective provider will offer cost-effective and efficient solutions while reducing the number of solutions providers a company needs. As you examine your cloud strategy, it’s important to choose the right vendor for your needs.

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