Your Network Is Getting Smarter – How Cognitive Systems Will Change Your Business

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Don’t be surprised if one day, your network will start giving you suggestions on how it can run even better. One of the hottest industry topics now revolves around AI, cognitive systems, and leveraging intelligence to help business and IT operate more efficiently.

Here’s the reality – this isn’t just a bubble. Organizations are actively looking for ways to improve processes and create better go-to-market strategies. According to IDC, widespread adoption of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence (AI) across a broad range of industries will drive worldwide revenues from nearly $8.0 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020.

“Software developers and end user organizations have already begun the process of embedding and deploying cognitive/artificial intelligence into almost every kind of enterprise application or process,” said David Schubmehl, research director, Cognitive Systems and Content Analytics at IDC. “Recent announcements by several large technology vendors and the booming venture capital market for AI startups illustrate the need for organizations to be planning and undertaking strategies that incorporate these wide-ranging technologies. Identifying, understanding, and acting on the use cases, technologies, and growth opportunities for cognitive/AI systems will be a differentiating factor for most enterprises and the digital disruption caused by these technologies will be significant.”

IDC further points out that by 2019, 40% of all digital transformation initiatives – and 100% of all effective IoT efforts – will be supported by cognitive/AI capabilities. What’s fueling all of this? IDC states that it’s because the flood of data that comes from IoT devices and digital transformation initiatives have limited value without AI technologies that are capable of finding valuable insights in the data. Today, we’re already seeing an active market around competing cloud mega-platforms – including IBM and others.

But what does all of this mean for you? How does this impact your day-to-day life and will this change the way we do business? Most of all, how will this impact IT process and where we interact with our networks?

In my experience, and working with smarter systems, I believe AI and cognitive technologies will have three big impacts on our lives. That is:

  • Smarter IT. Efficiency around our IT environments will change with the evolution of AI and cognitive systems. Already we’re seeing machine learning technologies capable of seeing anomalies within the network, based on advanced data correlation, to help administrators respond proactively. Monitoring systems, management environments, and the physical ecosystem itself will become smarter. Most of all, the complete integration of IT with cognitive systems will allow you to control all of your resources extremely efficiently. From there, smarter IT will integrate with your smarter business, to create better capabilities.
  • Smarter Business. When IT and the business are directly aligned – you create an organization that’s truly capable of great things. Now, when you integrate business and IT-level AI; you create a business which can make decisions on all levels. In fact, this level of integration is at the core of the business digital transformation. And it’s clear that businesses are working very hard to transform to become smarter in today’s digital age. IDC predicts that by the end of 2017, over 70% of the Global 500 will have dedicated digital transformation/innovation teams. And this is just to keep up. Leveraging AI and cognitive systems helps organizations create deeper levels of knowledge and a closer connection with technology.
  • Empowered Workforce. One of the biggest benefits of AI and cognitive systems will be seen by the end-user and the workforce. What these types of technologies will do is bring greater value to the users – both in their professional and home lives. Time-consuming tasks, back office process, and even simple business tasks can now be completed with AI-based automation solutions. This allows our most valuable part of the organization – people – to do more meaningful tasks for both themselves and the business.

As we look ahead, organizations will want to work with technologies which will deliver a real-world competitive edge. This means working with next-generation technologies like AI and advanced cognitive systems.

Don’t let this trend pass you by. Start research and learning how these types of solutions can help evolve your business. “AI is changing the way in which organizations innovate and communicate their processes, products and services,” said Whit Andrews, vice president and analyst. “AI continues to drive change in how businesses and governments interact with customers and constituents.”

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