A Competitor Is Using Cloud Brokerage Services — Now What?

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It’s Friday afternoon. You’re looking forward to a well-deserved weekend when one of your directors storms into your office. He just returned from a conference with the CIO, where your competitor was the keynote speaker. The speaker talked about implementing a cloud brokerage services platform and how this allowed him to control cost and bring solutions to market faster than his competitors. You’ve been in an ongoing tug-of-war with this competitor, but you’ve always been a step ahead until now.

“The CIO has called a meeting for early Monday to assess the situation,” your director adds, “and we need to be ready.” What can you do? You’ve heard the term “cloud brokerage” before, but really hadn’t paid it much attention.

You find an article from Gartner forecasting that the cloud brokerage services market will grow to $160 billion by 2018. So you know this competitor isn’t the only one leveraging brokerage services as the next logical step in handling the new interconnected service ecosystem, which has evolved since your company adopted its hybrid cloud strategy. This new approach can help you manage the consumption of services that users require and demand.

Because your business’ risk naturally increased as your competitor gained an upper hand, it will undoubtedly benefit from using a platform that offers a way to simplify, integrate and optimize the consumption of cloud-based services across its enterprise landscape. With cloud brokerage services, you can obtained the means to:

  • Reduce its shadow IT by providing the flexibility of choice that users want within the organization’s compliance framework.
  • Reduce the cost of cloud services through agile financial decision making by consolidating all cloud service costs on a single dashboard.
  • Negotiate better terms and conditions with cloud providers based on performance visibility.
  • Enforce organizational policy compliance for service selection based on cost, location, workload or performance requirements.
  • Integrate its IT environment across the hybrid IT cloud ecosystem.

These benefits alone are compelling reasons to act, but you take a quick look at the clock and decide that perhaps you have a bit more time to scan your favorite links for more information.

Success! You find what you were looking for: a table presenting the value points that a brokerage services platform can bring to your company should you decide to implement it.


Value Point

Value Point Behavior

Category Description

User Experience


UP Prioritize cloud ready applications and identify best fit cloud providers


Time to Market

DOWN Quickly launch new applications to the market


Migration Time

DOWN Migrate existing applications in a short time period



UP Design architecture across physical, virtual, private and public clouds



UP Select previously approved managed services from the services catalog



UP Procure only the minimal required resources and scale with demand when necessary



DOWN Secure lower-than-market prices



UP Estimate total cost before procurement and then compare with actual costs


Cost Control

UP Receive alerts when forecast bill is projected to exceed budget



UP View all assets and set security alerts when anomalous behavior is detected

User Experience


DOWN Access self-service portal to view a single consolidated bill across all providers

User Experience


UP Single point of contact for all IT matters

Armed with this information to support your recommendation, you’re confident that your conclusion to implement a brokerage services platform will be embraced when you present your findings in the upcoming meeting on Monday.

You don’t have to wait until the last minute to make a decision about brokerage services. You have the facts in your hands to explore how your company can implement a cloud brokerage solution to stay ahead of the competition.

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