How a Technical Support Partner Can Smooth Data Center Processes

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Managing a data center requires careful planning and ongoing management, which is no small task for many enterprises. According to a recent survey by the Uptime Institute, operations staff currently spend 35 percent of their time putting out fires, and most are running in a state of near-constant urgency. The survey results also showed that staff spend just 25 percent of their time on strategic planning or setting long-term goals.

For many enterprises, the services of a technical support partner are essential to ensuring data center processes run smoothly and that the organization can innovate and predict future IT needs.

IT Support Services Can Reduce Operating Costs

A solid understanding of all systems in a data center isn’t easy to develop. Equipment and other assets may be supplied by multiple vendors, each with different warranties and maintenance contracts. Support for those assets may be divided among multiple parties — or may not be available at all — which requires data center staff to be trained on support processes for multiple assets. This is a costly and time-consuming task. With a wide range of systems in place, organizations are often hard-pressed to rate the critical nature of assets and the applications that run on them.

According to IBM, a technical support partner helps organizations reduce operating costs by up to 20 percent through outage mitigation and accelerated problem resolution. It should also offer maturity assessments to help organizations gauge their knowledge of hardware maintenance and technical support so they can determine whether they would benefit from technical support services.

Services From a Technical Support Partner

One of the first things a technical support partner will do for your enterprise is take a detailed inventory of all assets, which is essential when analyzing where priorities should be placed. This helps identify gaps and ensure the most critical assets are given the attention they deserve.

Other services offered by technical support services providers include the following:

  • Hardware and software maintenance support;
  • Multivendor support and management;
  • Inventory, asset and warranty management;
  • Change, incident and problem management;
  • Contract and reporting management.

Get a Trusted Partner, Not Just a Vendor

When choosing a technical support services provider, it’s essential that the chosen provider performs as a trusted partner, not just a vendor. Having the right data center tools is only part of efficient data center management — what’s needed is a technical partner that has the knowledge and structure of an original equipment manufacturer, the thought leadership of an innovator and the value of a third-party vendor. The right partner will also have thorough knowledge of broader market trends to drive the innovation your enterprise needs and help you adopt new technologies as they prove their value.

By choosing the right partner, organizations will be better able to reduce operating costs and achieve their business continuity objectives. Technical support services organizations employ technicians that are experts in the systems they support, as they work with the software and hardware every day. This makes them extremely knowledgeable and better able to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

When you work with a technical partner, as opposed to a vendor, the provider will take the time to fully understand your business. As a result, its staff is better positioned to give advice, such as recommending an alternative data center solution that is better suited for your organization’s needs. This collaboration and advice can be extremely valuable and save a great deal of time, effort and cost.

By partnering with a qualified and competent technical support provider, organizations can have peace of mind that their data center is running as efficiently as possible and that any issues encountered are resolved quickly to avoid costly downtime. This type of partnership will ultimately help your organization keep pace with the industry, limit overall support costs and enable predictable budgeting.

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