Resolving the Disorder of Dissolving Perimeters: Multivendor IT Support for the Internet of Things

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Broadband is more widely available than ever, and connecting devices through Wi-Fi has become much easier. The cost of technology has been reduced, and we’re seeing an increasing number of smart and mobile devices in the marketplace. All of this lays the foundation for establishing the Internet of Things (IoT), a network created by connecting physical objects and devices to the Internet. But who’s going to provide the IT support services for these devices and networks, especially when you’re dealing with multiple vendors and countless users?

The Basics of the IoT

Why would you want to connect your devices? Well, what if the wearable device you use at your office could tell you when and where you were most productive? And what if it could then share that information with the other devices that you use while working? What if your office equipment could tell when supplies are running low and automatically order more? The concept is mind-blowing.

Who provides support for an IoT device? It is the company that manufactured or sold the product. However, while manufacturers can provide support for their own devices, they will not help you connect that device to other devices on your network. What happens when you aren’t able to identify which device isn’t working properly and aren’t sure to whom to report the issue?

The Need for IT Support

These support challenges present an opportunity for companies that use multivendor IT support services. A multivendor support provider can help you make sure that all your devices are working, that they are connected and that they are communicating with each other correctly.

This makes the Internet of Things simpler for users, giving them a single point of contact that is accountable for the maintenance of products and devices from many vendors. For manufacturers, this takes away the burden of having to deal with the complexity of the IoT and allows them to focus on their core business.

Partnering with manufacturers around the IoT will help multivendor IT support services providers to improve the customer experience by allowing them to keep track of any problems being reported. With this, ongoing issues can be addressed to improve device reliability. Finally, these partnerships will also enable providers to keep up with advancements in the technology of connected devices.

Companies delivering IoT offerings must partner with IT support services providers that have the capability to support multiple vendors at the same time. This will allow them to create a wide ecosystem that ensures customers have a hassle-free user experience.

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